DRY DOCK is a circular ship yard being built to house the Sea Ranger Society and other ocean savers. DRY DOCK puts the user first. We use the locally available resources of building materials, (social) environment and expert knowledge. In order to ensure that quality is not sacrificed for the cheapest option, ownership of material gives way to functional service or rental contracts. We don’t own or rent the window, but we purchase the view.

We stir up the conventional (linear) development process. Not only are roles and responsibilities of partners redefined, but values associated with material quality, modularity and cooperation. From the beginning of the design process until the end of service contracts, involvement remains necessary for all parties. Innovative forms of cooperation and integrated design are required to guarantee that needs, concerns and solutions of the various stakeholders are heard and met.

The result is a blueprint of new construction processes, business models and (stakeholder) roles.

Our Team

Wietse van der Werf
Wietse van der WerfDirector of the Sea Ranger Service
Merel Daniel
Merel DanielProject Manager
Carolin Bellstedt
Carolin BellstedtResource Systems Engineer
Peter van Assche
Peter van AsscheArchitect
Sanne Hoogkamer
Sanne HoogkamerArchitect
Ron De Goeij
Ron De GoeijGreenhouse Builder
Mark-Jan Redeker
Mark-Jan RedekerFoundation Specialist
Arjan van Drunen
Arjan van DrunenSteel Processor
Max de Corte
Max de CorteBotany Specialist
Paul de Graaf
Paul de GraafLandscape Architect
Johan Bel
Johan BelWater System Facilitator
Valentijn Yousif
Valentijn YousifPermit Specialist
Marte Kappert
Marte KappertLand Facilitator
Wilco Bruijs
Wilco BruijsConstruction Engineer
Bas van den Berg
Bas van den BergMaterials Scout
Niklas Agarwal
Niklas AgarwalInternational Community Builder
Mariel Oolthuis
Mariel OolthuisSocial Media Networker
Mirko Hoette
Mirko HoetteShip Builder
Michael Mayenburg
Michael MayenburgOperational Manager Sea Ranger Service
Internal Team
Internal TeamCommunications, Event Management, Copywriting, Fundraising and More!
Shirley, Tessa, Kees, Marielle, Erik, Elaine, and many more amazing people!

Our Partners